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Robert L. Webb


I'm Robert Webb, founder and contributing author to Studio Brain-Storm.  I operate primarily in Virginia but I am constantly on the lookout for authors who, like me, are passionate about bringing their stories to life.  I've  dabbled in writing since high school and only now have begun the journey to being a professional author, and I founded Studio Brain-Storm as a way to help myself and other independent authors who want to take that same journey.

Joshua Thomas


My name is Joshua Thomas. I’m a California native, US Army vet, Father of two amazing sons, and a Software Dev. Between changing hats to fit into the roles I just shot off, I love to take some time out for myself and write. It wasn’t something that I just decided to get into, I’ve always loved to write.  I also enjoy speaking with my audience. My love of the written word rests within the ability to communicate on a real level with transparency. I look forward to speaking with you in the future through my works.

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