Atalanta.  The Huntress.  The Warrior.

The Original Action Heroine.

This is her story, told as never before.

Ever since birth, signs and portents have followed Atalanta.

They have all proclaimed her to be a woman with an extraordinary destiny.

But when a gigantic boar begins ravaging her homeland it is up to her to determine whether or not she can live up to them.

Along with a team of other hunters Atalanta intends to prove herself by slaying the beast with her own hands.

She is prepared for the men's hostility towards her.

She is prapared to fight alongside a father who abandoned her as a child.  

But a genuine monster, more dangerous than any beast?

A goddess who unleashed it to punish a king?
A prince who not only accepts but may even love her?

As she hunts the monster, Atalanta not only faces these challenges, she is haunted but a finally prophecy:  In her quest she will gain glory, but at a terrible cost.

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Feudal Japan

An age of war

And age where weakness ended in death

Betrayed by his own retainers and with his enemies closing in around him, 

Lord Maruyama is determined to protect his young daughter Kaede.

To this end he is sending her to a monastery where she will be safe.

But to get her there safely across a nation torn by war will be no easy task.

Fortunately difficulty is no obstacle to the Iga ninja clan.
They are highly skilled, deadly in combat and will willingly perform the impossible 

For a price.

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He had only known obedience.

He had only known conformity.

Freedom seemed like a dream come true.

But freedom, like all things comes at a price.

And he's not sure if he's willing to pay.

He used to be called Citizen 625-726.

He used to call himself Unbroken.

When he left his dystopian city behind, he thought he had found paradise.

What he found was uglier, and darker then he could have imagined.

This is his story.

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