Q & A

Generally how does this work?

You contact us with an idea.  We work together with you to hammer out a contract.  You pay us a fee determined by the actual cost of printing the books. Then, depending on what you want, we either send the books to you to sell as you please or we sell some of them through Studio Brain-Storm.  If we do that latter you get 70% royalties.

What exactly do I have to do?

Simple. Call our offices or send us an e-mail and make your pitch.  We will contact you as soon as possible and if we like your idea we will set up a face to face meeting via Skype or some equivalent where we can actually work out the details of the arrangement.

What exactly does Studio Brainstorm do for me?

We print your work and hold it for you.  Say you order a hundred copies but you want to try and sell twenty yourself at a local venue. We hold the remaining eighty at no cost to you and send you the twenty while we try to sell the remaining eighty through Studio Brain-Storm.  We cover the shipping fees.

If I publish through you, how and how much do I paid?

Our standard rate is 70% royalties because we aren’t providing advertisement or setting up book signings.  That is, you keep the 70% of sales and 30% covers our costs, since are simply providing printing as well as selling your work through us.  If you want us to provide advertisement as well, Our percentage increases and will depend on the individual contract.

Q: Do you only publish novels?

A: We also publish, novellas, anthologies, short stories, comics and graphic novels.  We will also consider non-fiction that is unique and compelling.

Is this an “Exclusive” relationship?

That entirely depends on you and will vary from person to person.

Can I cancel? If so how and are there any termination fees?

Yes you can cancel.  No, there are no termination fees, however once the books are printed, we will keep the fee you paid us to have them printed. 

Do you have any further questions? Please Contact us using the information on the Home Page.

Do I need a literary agent to be published with Studio Brain-Storm?

No.  We accept unsolicited offers, no go between required.